Our achievements

Vein&Pintsliga joint painting

Thanks to Vein&Pintsel one awesome joint painting was created where participated 10 Estonian celebrities.

Celebrities that visited us were: Grete Paia, Keili Sükijainen, Sünne Valtri, Stefan, Helen Adamson, Kaire Vilgats, Maiken Pius, Uudo Sepp, Martti Hallik ja Liina Aridane Pedanik.

Paintings were created under the vision of instructor. Then one painting was selected and everyone started recreating it using their own colors. All paintings were unique and had very good outcome.

Thank you Vein&Pintsel for hosting us. It was fun and enjoyable experience!

Our new homepage is ready

In the new year we thought we would start with a new momentum and a clean page. The idea emerged to create a representative website for the NGO Painting the Good. On the website you will find information about ourselves and the NGO as a whole.

The website was created thanks to our sponsor – the Semiway OÜ – who designed the website and developed the web auction.

The painting auction opens in October and anyone who has a website user can bid.

Making a user is very easy, fast and convenient.

We visited IvaDisain

On the 22. of august we visited IvaDisain.

We created logo for the project what IvaDisain helped us develop.

What IvaDisain writes about our visit:

Yesterday we had a day full of creativity with three young and enthusiastic members from “Maalides head” team. We helped creating “Maalides head” charity trademark.

Morning started with brief about the project and afterwards came brainstorm from our creative director and designers. Then three “Maalides head” members sketched their logo and design ideas on paper. In the afternoon we continued looking different ideas and soon early design ideas reached designers computer.

We can say that everyone were exited and pleased about the result.

Pardiralli (Duck race)

“Maalides head” team member Marianne is charity event “Minu Unistuste Päev” volunteer and through that Marianne and Annabell helped orginizing Pardiralli (Duck race).
(images from Pardiralli.ee website)


Cafe “Unistus” in Elva cafe day

Last year “Maalides head” team helped organize Elva cafe day. We were in cafe called “Unistus”. All the profit was donated to charity event callsed “Minu Unistuste Päev”.

Annabell helped in kitchen and Marianne and Maarja-Liis had fun with kids.